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Running Gait Analysis. Man running at a marathon.

What is a Running Gait Analysis

This is a service that we are delighted to offer at The West Point Practice. Running gait analysis can be used if you are looking to improve your running times, reduce your risk of injury or if you are coming back from injury.

The assessments take place in clinic on a treadmill and we use video analysis to assess your running gait. The video will then be analyzed afterwards and the results explained to you.   The software that we use enables us to watch the video back in real time and in slow motion. We can also use graphics to overlay still images to highlight any issues with your gait. This can be very useful to for example to highlight a narrow running gait.

From the results of the video analysis we will then make recommendations (if needed) as to how to alter your running gait.

After the video analysis, we will undertake a physical assessment that will assess your lower limb joint flexibility and try to identify any weaknesses in your hips, knees or ankles. One of the main reasons for running injury can be weakness as opposed to a any issues with your running.

What is the difference between this service and the service offered by running shoe shops?

The main difference is that the running shops will soley focus on what is going on at your foot. They are looking for signs of pronation and then recommending you a shoe based on their findings. Our analysis looks at the whole body throughout the running gait. We also do a complete assessment of lower limb strength and flexibility opposed to simply looking at the feet.

The running gait assessments are carried out by David, who is himself a keen runner. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either by email, over the phone or by using our contact form.


£80 for 90 Minutes – this includes a video analysis on treadmill and physical assessment