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Running gait analysis is an effective way of improving running performance and also reducing injury risk.

Running gait analysis

Running gait

Why have a running gait analysis?

Every person’s biomechanics and movement patterning are all slightly different and the way we all run differ slightly. Although there is no ‘perfect’ way to run, we do know that there are more efficient ways of running. We also know that weaknesses in particular muscles or muscle groups can contribute to pain when running. This can cause runners to have to reduce or even stop running. A running gait analysis aims to see if we can tweak your running slightly to improve your running efficiency and also to develop a stronger, more robust runner.

What is involved with a running gait analysis?

The assessments take place in clinic on a treadmill and we use video analysis to assess your running gait. The video will then be analyzed afterwards and the results explained to you.   The software that we use enables us to watch the video back in real time and in slow motion. We can also use graphics to overlay still images to highlight any issues with your gait. This can be very useful to for example to highlight a narrow running gait.

From the results of the video analysis we will then make recommendations (if needed) as to how to alter your running gait.

The assessments are carried out by David, himself a keen runner. David has attended numerous courses looking at running gait and also running related injuries.  As a runner, he understands the implications of not being able to run and the importance of returning safely.