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Pilates Exercise of the Week #2 – SHOULDER TAPS IN PRESS UP POSITION

Following on from last week’s upper back stretch, this week’s exercise is looking at improving shoulder and upper back strength. The shoulder taps in the press up position is a great strengthening exercise for the muscles around the shoulder and upper back as well as your abdominal muscles and pelvic stability.


  • Assume the press up position from your hands to your feet. Try assuming a straight line, don’t let your hips sag down or stick up in the air.
  • This exercise can be simplified by performing the exercise from your knees instead of your feet.
  • Raise one hand and touch your opposite shoulder. Try to keep your chest parallel to the floor and avoid twisting the upper body too much.
  • Slowly lower that hand to the floor and repeat with the opposite hand.
  • REPEAT 6-10 times on each side.